2018 Exhibitors List

4B Components Ltd.2549
AAAmachine, Inc.1645
AAF International2849
ABC Polymer Industries2840
Ability Fabricators Inc.1813
Acrison Inc.1005
ACS Valves2219
Adaptive Engineering & Fabrication2149
Admix, Inc.2824
Aerzen USA Corporation2519
Ag Growth International (AGI)2542
Air Dynamics Industrial Systems Corporation1914
Albarrie Environmental Services Ltd.2716
ALMO Process1737
American Custom Drying2830
American Fabric Filter Co.2930
American Process Systems/Eirich Machines3541
Andritz Inc.1829
Anton Paar USA Inc.3502
Apex Instruments2845
Applied Chemical Technology1452
ARTECH ultrasonic systems AG3525
Artisan Industries, Inc.1700
ATEX Explosion Protection, L.P.1705
Atlantic Coast Crushers1261
Auburn Systems1248
Auger Fabrication, Inc.3937
Azo Inc.1445
B&P Littleford Day, LLC2429
B3 Systems2249
Bauermeister, Inc.2025
Bepex International1601
Biomist, Inc.3601
Black Forest Container Systems, LLC1442
BM & M Screening Solutions1234
Brabender Technologie Inc.2525
Brookfield AMETEK2806
BS&B Pressure Safety Systems, LLC3524
Buffalo Wire Works Company1551
Buhler Aeroglide2402
Bunting Magnetics Co.1432
Bush & Wilton2828
C&W Manufacturing and Sales Co.2145
Cardinal Scale Manufacturing Company2706
Carman Industries, Inc.3912
Carolina Conveying Inc2749
Carrier Vibrating Equipment Inc.1637
Carter Day International2506
Chantland MHS Co.2045
CLARCOR Industrial Air2709
Clarence Richard Co2745
Cleveland Vibrator2931
Clyde Bergemann Power Group Americas Inc.2704
Cobalt Chains, Inc.1461
Cog-Veyor Systems, Inc.4021
Columbia/Okura, L.L.C.1033
Concetti North America Corp.4116
Continental Products Corp.3935
Control Concepts USA2910
Conveyor Components Company2439
Coperion K-Tron1413
CPM Roskamp Champion1020
CPM Wolverine Proctor1030
Crown Iron Works Co.1026
CST Storage3611
Custom Equipment Design, Inc.2449
Custom Processing Services2250
CV Technology, Inc.1731
Cyclonaire Corp3831
DCL Inc.1735
DEKRA Insight2604
Delavan Limited2925
Delfin Industrial3519
Dinnissen Process Technology1912
DMN, Inc.1015
Donaldson Company2127
Doyle Equipment Mfg. Co.2625
DST America Inc.2638
DualDraw LLC2607
Dynamic Air Inc.1405
Eagle Microsystems2641
Eastern Instruments2725
EBM Manufacturing2726
EBRO Armaturen USA2435
Elcan Industries1326
Electro-Sensors Inc.2634
Endecotts Ltd.2642
Eriez Magnetics2015
Everlasting Valve Company1036
Factory Cat (RPS)3810
Faulkner Industrial1064
Fauske & Associates, LLC1252
Feeco International Inc.1500
Fike Corporation3513
Flamex, Inc.2445
FloAero Inc.1338
Flottweg Separation Technology2934
Flow Valves International2611
FL Smidth, Inc.2815
Fortress Technology Inc.2307
Franklin Miller Inc.2748
Freeman Technology2534
Freund-Vector Corporation2617
Fritsch Milling and Sizing, USA Inc2518
G. Bopp USA, Inc.2538
G2 Material Handling Inc.1343
Gamajet Cleaning Systems Inc.2245
Gardner Denver1629
GEA North America1021
Gelpac Distribution2649
General Kinematics Corporation1436
General Magnaplate Corporation2630
Genius Solutions2438
Gerard Daniel Worldwide2807
Gilson Company, Inc.2710
Global-Pak Inc.2530
Great Western Mfg Co., Inc.2339
GreCon, Inc.3717
Hayes & Stolz Industrial Manufacturing Co., LLC2502
HECHT Technologie1605
Herding Filtration1027
Horiba Instruments, Inc.3520
Hosokawa Micron Powder Systems1837
Houston Vibrator2734
Howden Roots LLC2231
H-P Products Inc.1400
IEP Technologies3635
iFil USA1037
IG Industrial Plastics1453
Imperial Industries Inc.3639
Industrial Controls Company2811
Industrial Magnetics, Inc.1304
Industrial Screw Conveyors1032
International Process Equipment Co.1356
IVEC Systems1060
J & M Industrial, Inc.2541
Jacob Tubing LP2005
Jenike & Johanson, Inc.1401
Jet Pulverizer Co.2448
K.R. Komarek Inc.2714
Kaeser Compressors, Inc.2415
Kalenborn Abresist Corp2302
Kason Corp.2107
Kemutec Group Inc.1342
Kennametal Inc3625
Kett US2720
Key International, Inc.2434
Kice Industries Inc.1945
Koppern Equipment, Inc.2345
KROHNE, Inc.2810
Kuriyama of America Inc2621
KWS Manufacturing Co., LTD.1226
Laidig Systems Inc.2544
Lancaster Products3828
Laser Technology2337
Lewellyn Technology Inc.2911
Lorenz Conveying Products2325
Macawber Engineering1334
Magnetic Products, Inc.1012
Magnum Systems1214
Maljohn Company Ltd.3510
Marion Process Solutions2009
Martin Engineering USA2419
Masterduct, Inc.2729
Matcon, Ltd.1344
Material Transfer & Storage, Inc.3917
MECO Seal Div. of Woodex Bearing Co.2711
Mercury Scientific, Inc.3723
Meridian Manufacturing Inc.2535
Metalfab, Inc.2205
Mettler-Toledo Product Inspection2503
Micromeritics Instrument Corp.2802
Microtrac Inc.4039
Midwestern Industries2225
Mintai Precision Co., Ltd.3533
Mixer Systems/Dustmaster Enviro Systems Div.2440
Modern Process Equipment3605
MoistTech Corp.2707
Moisture Register Products2615
Mollers North America, Inc.3816
Monitor Technologies LLC2407
Morris Coupling1745
MSK Covertech, Inc.1244
Munters Corporation-Dehumidification2349
National Bulk Equipment, Inc.1613
National Filter Media Company1443
NERAK Systems, Inc.2213
NETZSCH Premier Technologies, LLC.1807
Newson Gale, Inc.3840
Nilfisk CFM1201
Nolin Steel2914
NOL-TEC Systems, Inc.1045
Nordfab Ducting3709
Nordic Air Filtration2835
Palamatic Process2539
Particle Sizing Systems2403
Paul O. Abbe1238
Pawling Engineered Products1360
PCME Altech2504
Pebco, Inc2442
Pentair Flow & Filtration2035
Powder Process-Solutions1937
Procedyne Corp.3826
Process Sensors Corp.2635
Progressive Products Inc2540
Pulva Corporation3516
Puritan Magnetics2143
R.P.S. Engineering, Inc.1361
Rapat Corp.1600
Readco Kurimoto, LLC2619
Rechner Electronics Ind. Inc.2731
REMBE, Inc.1218
Renold Ajax Inc.2115
Rice Lake Weighing Systems2037
RICO Sicherheitstechnik AG3811
Rosta USA Corp.1250
Rotex Global LLC1621
Rotolok Valves Inc.2627
Russell Finex Inc.1805
S. Howes Co., Inc.2123
Saint Gobain Ceramics2510
Schenck Process LLC1429
Schust Engineering2834
Schutte-Buffalo Hammer Mill2603
Scientific Dust Collectors2902
Scott Equipment Company1224
Screw Conveyor Corporation3913
Semi-Bulk Systems1352
Sensortech Systems, Inc.2915
Sentry Equipment Corp.2203
Sequoia Scientific, Inc2703
Shanghai Everspring Filtration Technology, Co. Ltd.2921
Silverson Machines, Inc.2744
Sioux Steel Co/Dust Suppression Hopper2644
SMC Corporation of America1421
Smico Manufacturing1821
Sodimate Inc.2629
Solberg Manufacturing Inc.2315
Solimar Pneumatics2631
SPEC Engineering1319
Spraying Systems Co.2527
SPX Flow, Inc.2818
Stedman Machine Company1327
Sturtevant, Inc.1636
Sutton Industrial Products llc2906
SWECO, a business of M-I LLC1204
Sympatec Inc.1460
Syntron Material Handling, LLC2515
Tank Connection1721
Tapco Inc.1704
Tarmac International, Inc3629
Tarsco Bolted Tank2719
Tawi USA, Inc.2329
Tecweigh / Tecnetics Industries, Inc.2237
Telsonic Ultrasonics, Inc.2311
Tema Systems, Inc.2319
Thomas & Muller Systems3733
Tiger-Vac Inc.2620
Tivar 88/Lawrence Industries1351
TMI USA. Corp.3832
Towne Machine Tool Co. Inc.2924
Tri-Mer Corp.3512
Tuf-Lok International1006
Turnkey Processing Solutions2825
Tuthill Vacuum & Blower Systems2728
UBM Canon Events100x
Ultra Industries, Inc.2735
Union Process Inc.2335
UniTrak Corporation Ltd.2425
UWT Level Controls USA2027
Van Tongeren America, LLC2639
Ventilex USA Inc.1652
VetterTec Inc.2248
Vibra Screw1815
Virto Group/Cuccolini srl1049
Vortex Valves North America2135
WAM, Inc.1437
WL Port-Land Systems, Inc.2831
Wm. W. Meyer & Sons, Inc.1845
Wyssmont Co., Inc.1000
Yargus Manufacturing Inc.2507
Young Industries1941