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2016 Session Spotlight

To Retrofit or to Invest?

Making the Best Equipment-Based Decision for Your Business

Even the finest equipment suffers rough times, and when faced with performance issues it’s essential to know whether to maintain, purchase, or design better solutions. Join an expert panel as they discuss if you should start fixing, or start fresh.

Cause and Effect

Hopper and Silo Failures and How They Could Have Been Prevented

Storage is not just responsible for your profits, it’s responsible for your protection. This keynote discussion will look closely at real-world examples of all-time failure, and how vessel design and material handling is changing for the safer.

Discrete Elemental Method (DEM)

Taking the Guesswork out of Particle Flow

Not familiar with DEM? Now’s the time. And if you are, expand your understanding of the modeling technology pushing particle flow solutions into the future. An international panel will explore the cost, implementation, and practice behind this exciting new technology.

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