Exhibitor Directory

Saginaw, MI

B&P Littleford Day LLC specializes in the manufacture of mixing, drying, and reacting equipment for industrial applications in the coatings, pharmaceutical, chemical, food, plastics, animal nutrition, and many other applications. It has a tremendous knowledge base gained from more than 50 years of tests performed in its Process Solutions Center, and is ready to meet customers' processing needs.

Richardson, TX

BAG Corp is a pioneer in the FIBC industry for North America, and originator and exclusive provider of the Super Sack container—one of the most recognized brands in the powder and bulk industry. Since 1969, the company has marketed and distributed the latest innovations and solutions in FIBCs made from flexible and rigid materials for the transport and storage of dry, flowable goods.

St. Leonard, QC

Balcan Plastics is among the North American leaders in flexible packaging and lamination films, for the past 50 years. Its wide range of products includes FFS films for any type of equipment, shrink-bundling film, bags on rolls, sheets on rolls, stretch hood film, pallet covers (regular and shrink), top sheets and anti-skid slip sheets, loose bags, shipping sacs, valve bags, Protube™ bags for powders packaging, and coming soon, “twin-pack” bags.

Vernon Hills, IL

For more than 130 years, Bauermeister USA has manufactured high-quality size-reduction, classification, and processing equipment for the food, chemical, and mineral industries. Products include universal mills, gap mills, roller mills, classifiers, UCOMs, dry grind systems, and much more. The company has complete turnkey plants with controls, fully integrated into upstream and downstream processes.

Indianapolis, IN

Beckman Coulter serves a diverse range of customers in the industrial market in areas such as aerospace, automobile, agriculture, chemicals, construction, fuels, and electronics, to name a few. The company is a key supplier to quality control and standard operating processes with products in air and liquid particle counting as well as laser diffraction for particle size distribution. Visit Beckman Coulter's Web site for more details.

Minneapolis, MN

Bepex International is a global leader in process equipment manufacturing. The company's team of process development engineers and field technicians has helped customers realize their potential for decades. Integrity, innovation, and commitment are at the forefront of Bepex's approach to supply custom systems for process applications in the food, chemical, and mineral industries.

Somerset, NJ

Irrespective of the application, be it in the chemical, building materials, or food and beverage industry, BEUMER Group equipment and solutions make reliable and sustainable packaging of any product possible.


Diemme® Filtration, part of Bilfinger Water Technologies, boasts one of the largest filter press ranges currently available in the world. The company is a custom manufacturer providing overhead or side-beam designs with varying capacity and automation levels. Bilfinger's portfolio includes plates of different sizes (500 to 2500 mm) and technology (membrane and recessed).

Spartanburg, SC

Bindicator is a full-service supplier of point and continuous level sensors for industrial applications. Kistler-Morse company designs and manufactures bolt-on strain gauge and load cell–type weighing sensors that turn vessels into scales to provide a total weighing solution for bulk inventory management and in-process applications.

Lincoln, NE

BinMaster offers level measurement, materials management, and data monitoring; point and continuous bin level indicators, inventory monitoring systems, and flow and dust detection; SmartBob cable-based sensors with eBob PC software and BinView remote monitoring; 3DLevelScanner noncontact, dust-penetrating sensor with 3D visualization; and new tilt switch, flow / no-flow detector and guided wave radar.

Wheeling, IL

Sanitize without water, rinsing, or wiping. Biomist Inc.'s systems spray a solution of non-flammable concentrated alcohol to quickly sanitize production equipment and surroundings. Perfect for dry environments and sensitive equipment, its non-corrosive formula evaporates rapidly and is safe for food contact surfaces. Difficult areas and non-washable machinery, such as packaging equipment and electrical panels, are sanitized in seconds.

Greenville, SC

Black Forest Container Systems LLC is a leading North American distributor of stainless-steel powder bins, containers/drums, IBCs, aseptic totes, pressure vessels, pharma bio flasks, wine equipment, and bag-in-box. The company offers a lease/rental program.

Surrey, BC

BM&M manufactures high-speed gyratory screening machines. Whatever a customer’s bulk and powder industry application is, the company will custom build a screen for its exact needs. An industry-leading three-year drive warranty, performance guarantee, free lab testing, and excellent aftermarket service ensure that BM&M's customers make money on their investment.

West Chicago, IL

Bonar Plastics has been a recognized leader in the design and manufacturing of material-handling container solutions for more than 50 years, which has resulted in a diverse product offering in both standard and custom-design configurations. Regardless of the application, be it a liquid, powder, or solid, the company can help clients solve the most difficult material-handling challenges with a broad product line.

Mississauga, ON

Brabender Technologie is a major worldwide company specializing in small- to medium-capacity, high-precision dry ingredient feeders and systems. The company manufactures loss-in-weight feeders, weigh belt feeders, and volumetric feeders featuring a full range of feed mechanisms and agitation systems, including FlexWall feeders, hard-sided agitated feeders, single and twin screws, vibratory, fiber feeders, low rate pellet feeders, and more.

Middleboro, MA

Brookfield AMETEK's PFT delivers quick, easy analysis of power flow behavior. The PFT is ideal for manufacturers that need to eliminate the downtime and expense that occur when hoppers or silos fail to flow.

Sunbury, OH

Bry-Air Inc. develops, manufactures, and sells equipment to precisely control humidity and temperature in critical quality applications.

Tulsa, OK

BS&B Pressure Safety Systems LLC is a dust explosion suppression system, venting, and flameless venting expert.

Milford, OH

Buckhorn Inc., a Myers Industries Inc. company, is one of North America’s leading providers of reusable plastic packaging systems, helping customers in the manufacturing, distribution, and food industries improve supply-chain performance and reduce material-handling costs. Focused on customer-driven innovation, the company offers a broad selection of bulk boxes, hand-held containers, intermediate bulk containers, pallets, and specialty boxes.

Buffalo, NY

Buffalo Wire Works Co. is a global engineering and world-class manufacturer of screening media and wear parts for the aggregate, mining, industrial, and architectural markets. For more than 147 years, the company has manufactured all styles of industrial screens, including taped-edge, pre-tensioned, and hooked panels for mineral, food, and chemical processing industries as well as for any sizing industry.

Cary, NC

Bühler Aeroglide manufactures thermal-processing technology for specialty chemicals, catalysts, polymers, SAP, rubber, minerals, and other bulk materials. Conveyor dryers, fluid bed dryers, impingement systems, and coolers have high-capacity capability and rugged construction, maximizing production time and yield. Advanced process control systems offer optimum final product quality and energy efficiency, and full machine access for easy cleaning.

Park Hills, MO

Bulk Tank Inc. is an ISO 9001–certified, nationally known company specializing in the manufacture of innovative parts for the pneumatic tank trailer industry. The company is a pneumatic solutions headquarters. Bulk Tank's manufacturing facility resides in the United States and is completely American made. Because of its large customer base and more than 100 years of experience in sales, it consistently talks the "customer’s language."

Monroe, LA

Bulk-Pack Inc. is a world-class supplier of high-quality FIBCs and dunnage air bags. By combining its North American production facility and warehousing capabilities with its strategic relationships with overseas FIBC manufacturers, the company has positioned itself as one of the most critical suppliers of FIBCs to the packaging industry.

Newton, KS

Bunting® Magnetics Co. manufactures products that serve global markets and include a broad range of magnetic materials. The company manufactures magnetic separation systems and metal detection equipment to detect and remove metals from chemical or powder applications.

Charlotte, NC

For more than 60 years, Bush & Wilton has been manufacturing a wide range of standard and custom rotary airlock valves, diverters, and slide-gates to meet customers' material-handling requirements. The SR tapered adjustable rotary airlock valve features an exclusive tapered rotor design, which allows for rotor clearance adjustment without rotor removal. This design can be used to compensate for temperature, wear, or product variations.