Exhibitor Directory

Sterrett, AL

Faulkner Industrial specializes in the maintenance of industrial dust collection and control equipment.

Burr Ridge, IL

Fauske & Associates LLC (FAI) is an expert in industrial and chemical safety engineering, testing, and consulting. The company characterizes, prevents, and mitigates combustible dust explosion and fire hazards using different solutions, including testing, on-site assessments, OSHA compliance assistance, audit preparation, training, ignition source evaluation, and vent-sizing calculations.

Green Bay, WI

FEECO, founded in 1951 as an engineering and equipment manufacturer, quickly became known as a material expert able to solve just about any material processing or handling problem, and now serves nearly every industry. It provides a wide offering of custom equipment, as well as whole process and system solutions, to companies around the globe in the areas of agglomeration, thermal processing, fertilizer production, and material handling.

Saint Paul, MN

FIBCA has been a global voice for the bulk bag industry for more than 30 years. Its members include bulk bag manufacturers, importers, exporters, distributors, and suppliers of industry-related products and services. FIBCA members are spread across five continents and 24 countries.

Elberfeld, IN

Fibertech Inc. provides comprehensive, environmentally responsible solutions to material-handling problems. It offers a first-class line of rotationally molded, reusable, material-handling products, as well as custom-designed rotational molding services, plastic bulk container and seedbox repair, and postindustrial plastic recycling services—a complete plastics solution. Fibertech is a green company, with services that repair, recycle, and reuse.

Blue Springs, MO

Fike Corp. is a globally recognized supplier of precision-engineered rupture disc and explosion protection technology. Its state-of-the-art testing facility provides expert material analysis to help determine potential dangers in a facility. Fike's highly skilled workforce designs and builds solutions for companies around the world that want peace of mind from experiencing consequences of serious financial loss or a devastating disaster.

Greensboro, NC

FLAMEX Inc. is a leading supplier of customized industrial fire protection equipment. The company specializes in industries that handle combustible dusts. The FLAMEX Spark Detection and Extinguishing System is one of the most cost-effective solutions for the prevention of dust collector fires and explosions. FM approved.

Glendale Heights, IL

CECO Environmental is a leading global industrial technology company focused on providing innovative solutions for the environmental industry, including Flex-Kleen® brand dry particulate filtration technologies for product recovery, regulatory compliance, and nuisance dust collection; and Adwest® brand thermal and catalytic oxidation solutions for abatement of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), gaseous air toxic fumes, and odors.

Bethlehem, PA

Flexicon Corp. is a world leader in the design and manufacture of bulk-handling equipment and custom-engineered and integrated plant-wide systems. Its products range from individual equipment to automated systems that source bulk material from interior and exterior plant locations; transport it between process equipment and storage vessels; weigh it; blend it; and feed it to packaging lines, extruders, molding machines, and storage vessels.

Encino, CA

FloAero Inc.'s Floveyor aeromechanical conveyor can load all types of powders, granules, flakes, and mixtures quickly from ground level to an elevated manufacturing process. It operates when empty, and is hygienic and gentle, with no segregation. The Floveyor's loading process offers higher output for comparable size, weight, and power. Visit the company's booth for more information.

Evanston, IL

Flow Valves International's Syntron® Iris Flow Control Valves regulate the free flow of granular and powder materials from hoppers, bins, and chutes. They operate by rotating a control handle to vary the size of the valve opening from closed to fully open. Valve sizes are from 4–15 inches with 11 optional sleeve materials to meet the toughest specifications for food, plastic, chemical, abrasive, and other products. They are made in America.

Kalamazoo, MI

Flowserve Corp. manufactures shaft sealing solutions and accessories for rotating equipment handling liquids, solids, and multi-phase processes. Wet and dry gas seals are applied in pumps, mixers, blenders, fans, blowers, screw conveyors, dryers, centrifuges, rotary valves, and compressors. Flowserve offers local technical support to select the right solutions and partners with facilities to achieve maximum equipment reliability.

Bethlehem, PA

FLSmidth Inc. is a world leader in design and supply of pneumatic conveying systems for dry bulk materials. The company's products and systems are proven to provide clean, safe, economical solutions for virtually every application. FLSmidth works with its customers to continually seek broader applications for its products, processes, and technologies to meet the ever-increasing demands of evolving and diverse industries.

Scarborough, ME

Based on proven FlowCam dynamic imaging particle analysis technology, and optimized for larger particles (50μm to 5mm), Fluid Imaging Technologies' FlowCam Macro provides rapid particle characterization that goes beyond just particle size.

Ferguson, MO

FormPak Inc. is an industry leader in custom bulk bag unloading and filling equipment for Super Sack®, bulk bags, big bags, FIBC bags, and other heavy-duty bag handling systems. The company also offers bulk bag filling, big bag unloaders for discharging, FIBC bag lifting, racking, and fully integrated batching systems.

Toronto, ON

Fortress Technology Inc. has been providing metal detectors to the food industry since 1996. The company's detectors are custom manufactured to suit any application, and have high-sensitivity levels to ensure the detection of the smallest ferrous, nonferrous, and stainless-steel contaminants. Fortress detectors are never obsolete—parts, upgrades, and support are always available.

Livingston, NJ

Franklin Miller Inc.'s full line of DELUMPER® crushers and lump breakers lead the industry in capabilities, reliability, and performance. These crushers are available in different models and configurations. They can be designed for dry, gravity, or wet systems and can be inline, open, or stand-alone configurations. DELUMPER® crushers employ teeth that break materials and bring them down to desired size.

Wayne, PA

Freeman Technology provides systems for the measurement of powder flow properties. With a strong process focus and significant commitment to R&D and applications development, the company provides comprehensive support alongside its range of products. Expert teams guide and support users in addressing specific powder challenges.

Telford, PA

Fres-Co System USA Inc.’s dedicated cross-functional account teams in Telford, Pennsylvania offer a comprehensive system strategy that results in single-source accountability, seamless integration, and comprehensive service and support. Call the company or visit its Web site for a complimentary, no-obligation assessment to determine how it can create a flexible packaging solution tailored precisely to specific needs.

Marion, IA

Freund-Vector Corp. is a world leader in the design, manufacturing, and marketing of solid dosage processing equipment for the coating, granulating, and drying of powders, granules, beads, and tablets for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. Product lines include tablet pan coaters, roll compactors, fluid bed granulators/coaters/dryers, high-shear granulators, and automated process control systems.

Hillsborough, NJ

Frewitt USA Inc. manufactures robust, high-quality dry milling equipment, including hammer mills, oscillating mills, conical sieve mills, turbo sifters, crushers, and lump breakers. The company's areas of expertise include solutions for cGMP/WIP/SIP/highly contained systems for low OEL or low MIE applications. Frewitt's range of solutions include lab scale through pilot and production sizes.

Cranberry Township, PA

Fritsch Milling and Sizing USA Inc. is an internationally respected German manufacturer of application-oriented laboratory instruments. The company's instruments are used worldwide for particle size reduction, sample preparation, materials science, product development, and particle analysis for fast-paced industrial process monitoring and critical applications in QA, QC, and R&D. Particle sizes range from from nano and up.

Des Plaines, IL

Fujisaki Electric c/o AAAmachine's Micro Mist Spray Dryer (MMSD) achieves single-micron particle drying, while maintaining narrow particle size distribution (5 to 15 microns) using a patented four-fluid nozzle. The production machine can be easily scaled-up from a small-scale test. Laboratory dryer test services are available at AAAmachine (Des Plaines, IL).

Wood Dale, IL

Fujisaki Electric c/o Daiichi Jitsugyo is an agile multinational company with patented and unique spray-drying capabilities, including fine particles, narrow distribution, and seamless scale-up. Visit the company's booth to see its equipment and technology in person.