Exhibitor Directory

Belleville, NJ

VAC-U-MAX is a worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of process automation systems and solutions for bulk ingredient transfer, including pneumatic conveying systems, aero-mechanical conveying, flexible screw conveying, bulk bag load / unload systems, back dump stations, mobile conveying systems, and a full range of portable and central industrial vacuum cleaning systems for handling fine powders, liquids, and combustible dusts.

Brampton, ON

For the past 30 years, Van der Graaf has been a leading manufacturer of drum motors for belt conveyors in the food processing, material handling, and aggregate industry. The company exceeds current industry demands in energy savings and operator safety with cutting-edge technology.

Cincinnati, OH

For more than 60 years, VEGA Americas Inc. has provided industry-leading products for the measurement of level, density, weight, and pressure. Located in Cincinnati, Ohio, the company combines manufacturing, distribution, and service for products that represent some of the most sophisticated process measurement technologies in the world.

Middletown, OH

Ventilex USA Inc. supplies a full line of drying technology for the mineral, food, chemical, and biomass industries, including: fluid bed dryers and coolers, continuous steam pasteurizers and sterilizers, and whole plant dehumidification systems. Its drying solutions are known worldwide for being energy efficient and robust. Ventilex offers creative solutions in drying technology. For more information, please e-mail the company.

Wyoming, AL

Vibco is "the expert vibrator guys." The company understands that clients make purchasing decisions based on value and cost. Vibco creates value by manufacturing high-quality, low-maintenance industrial vibrators, construction vibrators, and other vibratory equipment; offering world-class vibrator technical support and personalized service; and innovating to ensure that its clients have access to the best possible vibration solutions.

Reggio Emilia

Virto Group/Cuccolini srl is one of Europe’s biggest producers of separation equipment, including traditional sieves, multifrequency vibrating sieves, mills, iron removers, and pumps. The company offers these products through two distinct brands: ScreenX, focusing on multifrequency vibratory screening equipment, sales, and support; and Cuccolini, offering traditional separation equipment, sales, and support.

Bristol, PA

Volkmann manufactures high-quality, high-performance vacuum conveying systems, bulk bag unloaders, rip and tip stations, delumpers, and dust collection systems. They transfer pharmaceuticals, fine food powders, chemicals, granules, pellets, tablets, and other small components in lean, dense, or plug flow conditions, avoiding segregation, damage, or abrasion of the product.

Salina, KS

For almost 40 years, Vortex has provided quality slide gates, diverters, iris valves, and loading spouts designed for handling dry bulk solids in gravity, vacuum, dilute, or dense phase applications. The company's products are engineered for dependability, durability, and easy maintenance, and offer proven solutions to material-handling and process efficiency problems.