Exhibitor Directory

St. Louis, MO

Tapco Inc. has one of the largest inventories of elevator buckets, with 1 million in stock in 178 sizes for immediate shipment. Popular styles include CC-HD, CC-XD (Xtreme Duty), Super EuroBucket™, AA, AC, and Continuous—available in polyethylene, urethane, nylon, aluminum, ductile iron, and fabricated steel. It also offers 15 million elevator bolts in 60 sizes, and abrasion-resistant sheeting, drag flights, hanger bearings, and belt splices.

Goodman, MO

Tarsco Bolted Tank is a single-source designer, manufacturer, and erector of dry bulk silos. The company offers factory epoxy powder-coated bolted dry storage silos. Tarsco's experts are leading the industry in engineering and construction of dry bulk material-handling and storage facilities. The company designs and constructs tanks to provide customers with the best value and the most advanced dry bulk storage solutions in the industry.

Willowbrook, IL

TAWI USA Inc. supplies a wide range of lifting equipment and complete ergonomic lifting solutions. The company's lifting equipment is low-cost, low-maintenance equipment that is easy to install and requires minimum effort to use.

Parsons, KS

Taylor Products designs and manufactures packaging automation systems and equipment, from modular packaging components to totally integrated packaging process systems. The company's offering includes gross and net weigh scales, impeller and air packers, open-mouth and valve bag fillers, IBC loading and unloading, high-speed bag placing, and robotic palletizing equipment.


Dryer One is an innovation developed and produced by Technic One, its parent company. In 1983, Technic One established specialists in designing and producing innovative industrial equipment. Its new dryer machine patented technology, the Dryer One, is a drying process for the wood, biomass, agricultural, food, and mining industries. Dryer One works with renewable energy, with no VOC emissions.

Oklahoma City, OK

Technogenia Lasercarb Oklahoma is proud to offer a unique laser hard-surfacing process developed by Technogenia. Numerous industries use tools, machinery, and equipment that require high resistance to abrasion. The Lasercarb process using Technosphere® is a hard-surfacing process that adds an anti-abrasion material to increase the life of high wear parts.

St. Paul, MN

Tecweigh is a leading designer and manufacturer of in-motion weighing and metering products for dry material handling applications in the food, chemical, plastics, mining, and construction aggregates industries. The company's products include: volumetric and gravimetric feeders, weigh belt feeders, belt scales, processors, and custom-engineered systems.

Shelby Township, MI

Telsonic Ultrasonics Inc. continues to be a front-runner in ultrasonic technologies in the field of material separation. The company specializes in ultrasonic sieving, cleaning, and welding. Telsonic's reputation for quality products, engineering, and customer support continues to make it a popular choice in North America. Visit the company's booth to see the newly developed technology for ultrasonics.

Cincinnati, OH

Tema Systems Inc. (Siebtechnik; Hein Lehmann) is a manufacturer of continuous centrifuges for liquid solid separations, including Conturbex screening centrifuges, pushers, and decanters with clean-in-place units; and Conidur metal screens for fluid beds, grinding media, and mills. The company will be displaying a fluid bed conveyor model and working lab centrifuge.

Bunkyo-Ku, Tokyo

APPIE is the only Japanese professional organization in the powder and particle processing industry composed of industrial corporations and academic societies. The organization contributes to the advancement of the powder industry and technology. APPIE hosts and organizes POWTEX Tokyo, the largest international powder technology exhibition in Asia, as well as POWTEX Osaka.

Walkerton, IN

The Petroleum Connection organizes events in the oil and gas sector, including the largest frac sand-related conference of the year, The Frac Sand Supply & Logistics Conference, being held October 13–14, 2016, in San Antonio.

Dania, FL

Tiger-Vac Inc. offers explosion-proof vacuum cleaner systems that are certified for Divisions 1 and 2; and Groups E, F, and G. Systems include electric, pneumatic, portable, and HEPA filtration.

Fort Wayne, IN

TIVAR 88 is an industrial liner that has a low coefficient of friction and excellent slide abrasion wear resistance. TIVAR 88 liners are used to line bins, bunkers, hoppers, and silos. TIVAR 88 has widespread use in the bulk material-handling industry as a means of reducing problems such as sticking, ratholing, and no-flow conditions.

Danville, IL

TMT Vacuum Fillers manufactures precision vacuum filling machines for ultra-lightweight products, such as carbon black, silicas, stearates, and pigments. A built-in recycle system and the accuracy of fill ensure product loss is nearly non-existent. Pump assemblies, automatic material handling, and custom applications are available. Vapor barrier, kraft, poly, and specialty containers are possible. Visit the company's booth for more details.

Danville, IL

Towne Machine Tool Company Inc. (TMT) Vacuum Fillers manufactures precision vacuum filling machines for ultra-lightweight products, such as carbon black, silicas, stearates, and pigments. A built-in recycle system and the accuracy of fill ensure product loss is nearly non-existent. Pump assemblies, automatic material handling, and custom applications are available. Vapor barrier, kraft, poly, and specialty containers are possible.

Buffalo Grove, IL

Transcell Technology Inc. is a U.S. based, multinational technology company founded in 1981. It specializes in heavy-duty load cell modules and digital weight transmitters for process weighing applications with bins, silos, hoppers, and tanks. Digital weight indicators/controllers feature WiFi, Modbus TCP/IP, and Bluetooth technologies. Fast and flexible solutions help eliminate waste during the batching process. ISO 9001:2000 certified.

Owosso, MI

Tri-Mer Corp. offers the Tri-Flow filter system for submicron particulate and fumes. Tri-Flow has a MERV 16 rating; delivers HEPA filter performance; and is a superior alternative to bag or cartridge pocket filters. The system offers efficiencies of 99.999% on 0.5 micron and larger particles by weight. Filter elements are tailored to the application. It is self-cleaning and has a multi-year service life.

Des Plaines, IL

Tsutsui Scientific Instruments Company Ltd.'s powder flowability test unit is certified by JIS and is widely used in various industries, such as 3-D printers and others. The company also offers sieve shakers, sonic sifters, and bulk density measurement devices. Powder manufacturers have been continuously using Tsutsui instruments for quality control/assurance. The company can customize instruments to meet clients' needs.

Madison, WI

Tuf-Lok International manufactures a complete line of self-aligning pipe and tube couplings in sizes from 2 in. through 10 in. The company's couplings are full vacuum rated up to 150 psig with a self-grounding feature with high-end pull. The company also manufactures Therm-Line expansion joints in sizes from 2 in. through 16 in.

Warrenvville, IL

Turnkey Processing Solutions is an EPC and EPCM contractor specializing in the material-handling and mineral processing industries.

Springfield, MO

Tuthill Vacuum & Blower Systems brings more than 100 years of engineering experience and solid, hands-on care to every product manufactured. Its complete line of M-D Pneumatics™ blowers are engineered to keep pneumatic conveying operations flowing at peak performance. Multiple heavy-duty models are available with features including reduced noise versions and convenient drop-in installation design. They are rugged, reliable, and made in America.

Santa Monica, CA

UBM, the leading B2B media company dedicated exclusively to the global $3.0 trillion advanced manufacturing sector, helps support the flow of information, commerce, and innovation in such sophisticated segments as medical devices and pharmaceutical development. UBM also addresses cutting-edge developments in broader areas of advanced engineering design and manufacturing, and manufacturing processes and packaging.

Racine, WI

Ultra Industries, founded in 1979, serves industry by providing quality air filtration equipment, including bin vent filters; high-pressure, high-vacuum filters for pneumatic conveying; all welded square collectors; all welded rectangular collectors for larger performance requirements; and horizontal and vertical cartridge collectors and cyclones. All of its bag-type and cartridge collectors utilize state-of-the-art pulse-jet cleaning process.

Tuckahoe, NY

Umbra North America provides full-line bagging solutions (bag filling and sealing, palletizing, and wrapping machinery) for powders, and dry and granular products.

Akron, OH

Union Process Inc. manufactures a broad line of particle size reduction equipment, such as wet and dry grinding attritors and small media mills, in laboratory and production sizes. The company also offers a wide assortment of
grinding media and provides toll milling, laboratory testing, and refurbishing services.

Port Hope, ON

UniTrak Corporation Ltd. is a global brand, well-known for the superior
quality and reliability of its products. The company's equipment is used by
manufacturers to move materials in processing lines the world over, including
those in the powder, food processing, and chemical industries. UniTrak
equipment lines include the TipTrak line of bucket conveyors, Powderflight
aeromechanical conveyors, and UniFlex flexible augers.

Tampa, FL

Utilcell, founded in 1980, is an international leader in the manufacture and distribution of load cells and instrumentation for the weighing, process automation, and controls industries. The company is recognized as an industry leader in product and service quality, and provides world-class technical and application expertise for a broad range of complex weighing and force measurement projects.

Memphis, TN

UWT Level Controls USA is one of the world's preeminent manufacturers of process-level control instrumentation, bin-level indicators, limit/level switches, and inventory-monitoring sensors, such as radar and electromechanical weight/cable systems with NivoTec solutions. It offers benefits that allow private-labeled units or customized units to fit any application and budget. UWT Level Controls offers quality, reliabilty, and performance.

Brampton, ON

For the past 30 years, Van der Graaf has been a leading manufacturer of drum motors for belt conveyors in the food processing, material handling, and aggregate industry. The company exceeds current industry demands in energy savings and operator safety with cutting-edge technology.

Cincinnati, OH

For more than 60 years, VEGA Americas Inc. has provided industry-leading products for the measurement of level, density, weight, and pressure. Located in Cincinnati, Ohio, the company combines manufacturing, distribution, and service for products that represent some of the most sophisticated process measurement technologies in the world.

Middletown, OH

Ventilex USA Inc. supplies a full line of drying technology for the mineral, food, chemical, and biomass industries, including: fluid bed dryers and coolers, continuous steam pasteurizers and sterilizers, and whole plant dehumidification systems. Its drying solutions are known worldwide for being energy efficient and robust. Ventilex offers creative solutions in drying technology. For more information, please e-mail the company.

Wyoming, AL

Vibco is "the expert vibrator guys." The company understands that clients make purchasing decisions based on value and cost. Vibco creates value by manufacturing high-quality, low-maintenance industrial vibrators, construction vibrators, and other vibratory equipment; offering world-class vibrator technical support and personalized service; and innovating to ensure that its clients have access to the best possible vibration solutions.

Reggio Emilia

Virto Group/Cuccolini srl is one of Europe’s biggest producers of separation equipment, including traditional sieves, multifrequency vibrating sieves, mills, iron removers, and pumps. The company offers these products through two distinct brands: ScreenX, focusing on multifrequency vibratory screening equipment, sales, and support; and Cuccolini, offering traditional separation equipment, sales, and support.

Bristol, PA

Volkmann manufactures high-quality, high-performance vacuum conveying systems, bulk bag unloaders, rip and tip stations, delumpers, and dust collection systems. They transfer pharmaceuticals, fine food powders, chemicals, granules, pellets, tablets, and other small components in lean, dense, or plug flow conditions, avoiding segregation, damage, or abrasion of the product.

Salina, KS

For almost 40 years, Vortex has provided quality slide gates, diverters, iris valves, and loading spouts designed for handling dry bulk solids in gravity, vacuum, dilute, or dense phase applications. The company's products are engineered for dependability, durability, and easy maintenance, and offer proven solutions to material-handling and process efficiency problems.

Lawrenceville, GA

WAM USA Inc. is the American part of the worldwide corporation Wamgroup,
a manufacturing company in the field of feeding and conveying machinery for powder and bulk materials, mixing technology, waste water treatment equipment, filtration, and vibration technology.

Plano, TX

Westrup/Oliver Manufacturing are high quality aspiration, screening, sizing, and density separations equipment companies.

Grand Rapids, MI

Whirlwind Engineering Inc. manufactures a complete line of bag dump stations, sifters, grinders, declumpers, blenders, and conveyors for powders and granular materials. The award-winning ES4 and all-new Gravity models will be on display.

Libertyville, IL

Wm. W. Meyer & Sons manufactures premier system components for dry bulk material processing equipment, pneumatic conveyors, and dust collectors. It is recognized for superior rotary airlock valves, sanitary airlock valves, double-flap gate valves, and pneumatic screw pumps that handle the toughest application. It also manufactures gravity diverters, slide gates, and blowers. It offer all system components for air process/bulk material handling.

Fort Lee, NJ

Wyssmont Company Inc. provides continuous drying equipment to dry water or solvent wet materials for vacuum. Pellets and crystals are dried gently without breakage or fines formation. The Turbo-Dryer is a very heat-efficient system. Its enclosed housing results in a clean operating area.

Marshall, IL

Yargus Manufacturing Inc. offers material handling equipment; bulk blending equipment; conveying systems; and ship, barge, rail and truck unloading systems. Products include fertilizer, salt, sand, and free-flowing materials.

Itasca, IL

Yes Equipment & Services LLC is a material handling distributor.

Muncy, PA

Young Industries Inc. is a value-engineered based manufacturer of bulk materials handling equipment and systems. The company is expert in the handling of TIO2 and other hard-to-handle products by using TransFlow Technology in bag unloaders, bin dischargers, rotary valves, and conveyors that are safe, trouble-free to install, simple to maintain, and easy to operate.

Houston, TX

Zeppelin Systems USA Inc. is among the leading manufacturers of plants for storing, conveying, blending, and dosing of premium bulk solids. Due to worldwide activities and locations in important industrial centers, the company can provide its clients with the latest innovative and reliable technology to ensure maximum economic success.