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April 28-30, 2020Donald E. Stephens Convention CenterRosemont, IL

Convince Your Boss

You already know that The Powder Show is a must-attend conference and it's time to show your boss. Make the case using the resources in our Justification Toolkit.

This Toolkit Includes:

Pro Tip – Focus on what you'll bring back to the team to show the value beyond what you get. Keep it short but make it powerful.

Tips For Getting The Green Light

When crafting your plan, think about the bottom line: Why should the company budget for your trip and what's the return on their investment?

  • Be Specific – Describe how attending will benefit your current projects, inspire new ideas, or address knowledge gaps on the team.
  • Be Solutions-Based – What issues pop up again and again? List exhibitors who could provide the solutions the team needs.
  • Provide a Post-Conference Rundown – Offer to deliver a short presentation or write-up on your key takeaways.
  • Devise a Plan – Be thoughtful about time missed and who will cover for you while you’re at the conference.
  • Cut Costs – Offer to share a room to reduce hotel expenses. If you're attending the conference, book early to take advantage of early bird rates, or save with group discounts.

Top 5 Reasons To Attend

While there are many compelling reasons to attend The Powder Show, we've whittled it down to the top five to give you a brief, powerful list. Present these to your supervisor or slip them into water cooler conversation. Either way, they're sure to help secure your spot.

  • Comprehensive Education – Over three days you'll choose from over 70 hours of technical sessions, panels, and tutorials spanning the conference.
  • Hands-on Training – It's one thing to study from afar, but quite another to put your hands to work. Take advantage of practical, processing training opportunities taught by experts in the field.
  • Exclusive Networking – With more than 3,500 attendees and 350 exhibitors on board, the potential for finding solutions and making lasting relationships is tremendous.
  • Sourcing Suppliers – You'll get exclusive access to industry-leading suppliers that offer exactly what you need.
  • Industry Expertise – All content is vetted by our expert Board of Advisors, ensuring unrivaled educational quality and a thorough agenda of sessions relevant to your development needs.

Conference Tracks At-A-Glance

With more than 70+ hours of technical paper sessions, panels, and tutorials, you'll find numerous conference topics that address the specific needs of your department.

Here are some of the key industry topics the conference will cover:

  • Additive Manufacturing
  • Combustible Hazards
  • Dust Collection & Air Pollution Control
  • Feeders
  • Material Handling & Transportation
  • Mechanical Conveyers & Conveying
  • Mixers & Blenders
  • Packaging & Bagging
  • Pneumatic Conveyers & Conveying
  • Powder Flow Technology
  • Screening & Separation
  • Storage

Projected Expenses Worksheet

One question inevitably comes up: How much will this cost? Make sure you've taken all costs into consideration and are prepared with a thoughtful answer. See Pricing for Passes »

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