April 24-26, 2018Donald E. Stephens Convention CenterRosemont, IL

AAA Save Energy / AAAmachine Inc.

AAAmachine Inc. offers air classification service in Chicago. Submicron to 100 microns cut-point air classification processing service is available. AAA Save Energy provides the adsorption heat pump chiller (10/30/90kw by InvenSor), a thermal-driven chiller with COP=10. Chilled water can be produced using 150 degree F hot water. It works best with a combined heat and power unit.

Asada Mesh

Asada Mesh wire mesh is widely used for various filtration and sieving applications. The higher tensile stainless-steel wire mesh is excellent in durability and sieving efficiency. The company offers 16-micron opening wire mesh and 25/32-micron oblong opening mesh with precise accuracy.

Sugino Corp.

Meeting customer expectations with technology is at Sugino's core of growth and is its motivation for challenging new frontiers. As a professional engineering company, it is carrying forward this "founding spirits" to continue advancing. Sugino has adapted its high-pressure water technologies to provide easy-to-use products like high-pressure cleaning, cutting, and wet milling equipment. The company celebrated its 80th anniversary in 2016.

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